Our Mission

Our Mission

To exceed guest expectations every day with a spa-care experience that relaxes,refreshes and renews your mind, body, and spirit in an environment that is as comfortable and welcoming as your own home.

Our Vision

Create a unique spa experience that guests treasure and want their family and friends to share. Create an employee experience that is a source of pride and fulfillment. Create a highly successful, leading and sustainable enterprise that stands the test of time.

Our Values Are:

Respect:   All our actions must be guided by respect for our guests and co-workers.
Truth:   Telling each other the simple truth helps us to learn, grow and improve. Telling each other what we think we want to hear helps no one.
Accountability:   We are responsible to each other and to our guests to live up to our Vision, Mission and Values. Promises made must be promises kept.
Teamwork:   When we work together and help each other, everyone succeeds.
Diversity:   Like our country and our city, The Ritual MedSpa is made richer by diversity.
Continuous Improvement:   By always trying to improve, we will exceed guest expectations and create opportunities for advancement.
Balance:   Hard work and an enjoyable, energetic working environment will lead to balance the employee experience with the guest’s desires.