Body Treatments

Modeling Body Lymphatic Drainage
This massage is also recommended for Post Cosmetic Surgery

(full body massage + cellulite cream + vacuum or ultrasound)

60 min Treatment

Carina Resende
> Ritual Med Spa, Fitness & Health Cent
90 min Treatment
 Facial Lymphatic Drainage
(facial massage + chamomile tea + moisturizing )
45 min. Treatment
  Detox – Weight Loss        Treatment
Mix of different kinds of body treatments (Electric blanket – wrap in cellulite cream + bath + lymphatic drainage massage + vacuum or ultrasound or cryotherapy)
140 min each treatment
Bamboo therapy
(special massage with bamboo sticks + lymphatic drainage or relaxation massage + moisturizing w/ essential oil)
60 min.Treatment
Therapeutic Massage
Body pain, contusion, sciatica nerve, strain, etc.
30 min. Treatment60 min. Treatment75 min. Treatment90 min. Treatment
Aesthetic Body Massage
Body massage with Vacuum, Bamboo, Hot Stone, Aesthetic ultrasound, Endermo, etc. 
60 min. Treatment90 min. Treatment
Muscle Stimulation with electrical energy
60 min.Treatment
Mineral Treatment
(Treatment with minerals + massage + electric blanket + shower)
60 min.Treatment
Seaweed cataplasma + Aesthetic B. Massage
(Electric Blanket + Seaweed wrap + Aesthetic body massage + cellulite cream)
120 min.Treatment
Back Smoothing Treatment
(Cleansing + extraction + exfoliation + mask + massage + moisturizing)
90 min. Treatment
Smoothing Full Body Exfoliation
(exfoliation + wrap + electric blanket + essential oil + shower)
60 min.Treatment
Anti-stress Massage
(massage + moisturizing w/ essential oil)
60 min.Treatment

Hot / Cold
Stone Massage
(special massage +  lymphatic drainage + moisturizing w/ essential oil)
75 min. Treatment
90 min. Treatment
Ear Candle
(Increases circulation and lymphatic flow in the head and neck, reduces headache and improves hearing)
45 / 50 min.Treatment